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KIT R120 G/S

We are testing the kit in a trip
from Buenos Aires to New York.

Fabio Marcaccini Journal
Newsletter  n. 07_22.05.2012

KIT R120 G/S

The R120 G/S Kit marks a return to the origins of G/S without altering the comfort and the driveability of your motorbike in any way.
Fitting the R120 G/S Kit takes about 4 hours and will revolutionise the look of your GS, making it unique without changing the original parts at all.
In point of fact, you will have two motorcycles in your garage, while paying only one road tax and one insurance.
The Kit can be fitted on the R1200 GS model from 2008 onwards. For the same model, before 2008, we are currently preparing things.
The price lists will be online starting in June. It will be possible to choose the combinations and colours of the various parts by means of an easy-to-use configuration unit.
The complete kit, except for the front cowl, which will be available in three different models, will cost less than 4,000.00 euro.
The kit is reversible and does not require structural interventions on the original parts or on the electrical system.
Naturally, besides the basic R120 G/S kit, you will be able to complete the R120 with other accessories, including a frame with 50 magnum fork with plates and feet machined from solid.
We are also preparing a series of accessories in R120 style… you will be astonished!
The motorbike in R120 configuration can be equipped with original ADV aluminium panniers, with metal frame. Diversely, by purchasing our supports, you can mount the classic original Vario plastic panniers.
Accessorised with Thc or Karoo tyres, you will encounter no obstacles, not even off-road, also because the precious original parts will be safely stored in your garage.
The R120 G/S Kit will be on sale on www.unitgarage.com starting in June.

Miami Beach

Arriving in Miami from Bogotá is a huge leap, even though here there are many Latin American and Caribbean ethnic groups, speaking Spanish or Creole. At once I miss the warmth and spontaneity of South America.
But that’s another story… and riding along with the wind in my hair between the city’s skyscrapers nevertheless gives me a great sense of freedom.


Cape Canaveral

It’s not only the site of the famous space station, chosen by NASA as the location for the Kennedy Space Center, but also a fantastic maze of lagoons and lifting bridges. Big bays with sailing boats and windsurfers.

Daytona Beach

The highway’s quite tedious, so I decide to go up the coast. From Daytona to St Augustine it’s a real spectacle, with wind, waves and pelicans for company along the whole route. Then further north to Charleston, South Carolina, now known in the US for the beauty of its parks and refined architecture. Parking my R120 G/S next to a row of Harleys makes me feel like a Martian.


Rafting on the Chattooga River, in Georgia, where the cult film with Burt Reynolds was filmed. Uncontaminated nature, a true paradise. Then north towards the Appalachians along the eastern border with Virginia, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a fantastic road closed to commercial traffic. Along the way a bear crosses the road ahead of me, followed by two cubs. I stop and watch the scene from a good distance, just to be on the safe side! The weather’s not helpful, and it starts to rains, it’s a shame. I leave the Parkway and enter Pennsylvania.

Motels and Fast Food

If you have a strong stomach you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. You can always find a motel in the evening to sleep at. Huge rooms and king-size beds… everything’s perfect, but soulless. This is America on the road too.

New York

The final destination’s getting near. The trip’s coming to an end, a thousand thoughts run through my mind on the last stretch of highway before NY.
Being in Manhattan on a self-built bike, after such a long journey, without having had any technical problems at all, is really quite satisfying.
I hope that with this short travel diary I’ve been able to transmit to you, even if just for a moment, the great emotions I’ve lived every day. Remember, the most difficult obstacle to overcome to get started on a long bike trip is being able to step out of your door, all the rest is pure life…

Have a great ride!

Fabio Marcaccini

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