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KIT R120 G/S

We are testing the kit in a trip
from Buenos Aires to New York.

Fabio Marcaccini Journal
Newsletter  n. 06_11.05.2012

KIT R120 G/S

The R120 G/S Kit marks a return to the origins of G/S without altering the comfort and the driveability of your motorbike in any way.
Fitting the R120 G/S Kit takes about 4 hours and will revolutionise the look of your GS, making it unique without changing the original parts at all.
In point of fact, you will have two motorcycles in your garage, while paying only one road tax and one insurance.
The Kit can be fitted on the R1200 GS model from 2008 onwards. For the same model, before 2008, we are currently preparing things.
The price lists will be online starting in June. It will be possible to choose the combinations and colours of the various parts by means of an easy-to-use configuration unit.
The complete kit, except for the front cowl, which will be available in three different models, will cost less than 4,000.00 euro.
The kit is reversible and does not require structural interventions on the original parts or on the electrical system.
Naturally, besides the basic R120 G/S kit, you will be able to complete the R120 with other accessories, including a frame with 50 magnum fork with plates and feet machined from solid.
We are also preparing a series of accessories in R120 style… you will be astonished!
The motorbike in R120 configuration can be equipped with original ADV aluminium panniers, with metal frame. Diversely, by purchasing our supports, you can mount the classic original Vario plastic panniers.
Accessorised with Thc or Karoo tyres, you will encounter no obstacles, not even off-road, also because the precious original parts will be safely stored in your garage.
The R120 G/S Kit will be on sale on www.unitgarage.com starting in June.


The name sounds quite exotic, just like the customs procedures. Everyone in the various offices asks you the same questions, and for the same photocopies, rubber stamps and signatures. Result: five hours to get into the country, in asphyxiating heat…
The landscape changes at once, immense banana plantations and tropical vegetation. Chaotic traffic, anarchy everywhere… no rules.
A stop at Montañita on the coast, a long beach full of life and surfers from all over the world, with a gorgeous sunset.
Then inland to Quito up at 2750 metres, it’s raining heavily, very cold, and after a while you can’t see anything at all. I have to ride with my visor up, the trucks drive slowly and the road’s a mix of mud plus wind and rain, a fine combination. Like going from 35 degrees to 5 in just a few hours!
The city itself is beautiful, I’m really surprised, the centre is fantastic, full of people. In the evening in the happy hour area it feels like being somewhere in Europe.



It’s six in the morning, it’s cold, and looking out of the window I certainly don’t feel like getting back on my bike. But then I put on everything I’ve got, and I’m off again.
It’s raining and the road climbs up into the mountains, gradually I come across several villages. You can see the cold on the inhabitants’ faces, with their strong Andean features. At a certain point I lose my way, but then suddenly the Colombian border appears.
The power’s down at the customs, and we have to wait for maintenance… a great start! But anyway, it’s not like leaving Sudan for Ethiopia. Everything’s quite well organized here, and the customs officers are always quite cheerful with bikers.


Fantastic Colombia

The route’s fantastic, all at high altitude, tropical flowers and trees, great to see. Colombia is a real revelation, they’d described this road to me as being nothing but holes and very dangerous up to Las Rosas, but it isn’t at all. Truth told, it’s full of soldiers. My Lonely Planet from a few years ago describes this area as one of the country’s most dangerous, but maybe things are changing.


Bogotá, lovely roads again, high up, sometimes over 3000 metres. Trucks are struggling uphill, there are some really wild climbs, and they have to go through one at a time, they have a hard job, by bike you can overtake them very quickly, and then in the evening there’s Bogotá on the horizon.
I have to wait four days before I can leave the country. I’m late, the fifteen days lost with customs at Buenos Aires are making themselves felt. I decide to send the bike directly to Miami, Central America will have to come later.


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