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KIT R120 G/S

We are testing the kit in a trip
from Buenos Aires to New York.

Fabio Marcaccini Journal
Newsletter  n. 05_08.05.2012

KIT R120 G/S

The R120 G/S Kit marks a return to the origins of G/S without altering the comfort and the driveability of your motorbike in any way.
Fitting the R120 G/S Kit takes about 4 hours and will revolutionise the look of your GS, making it unique without changing the original parts at all.
In point of fact, you will have two motorcycles in your garage, while paying only one road tax and one insurance.
The Kit can be fitted on the R1200 GS model from 2008 onwards. For the same model, before 2008, we are currently preparing things.
The price lists will be online starting in June. It will be possible to choose the combinations and colours of the various parts by means of an easy-to-use configuration unit.
The complete kit, except for the front cowl, which will be available in three different models, will cost less than 4,000.00 euro.
The kit is reversible and does not require structural interventions on the original parts or on the electrical system.
Naturally, besides the basic R120 G/S kit, you will be able to complete the R120 with other accessories, including a frame with 50 magnum fork with plates and feet machined from solid.
We are also preparing a series of accessories in R120 style… you will be astonished!
The motorbike in R120 configuration can be equipped with original ADV aluminium panniers, with metal frame. Diversely, by purchasing our supports, you can mount the classic original Vario plastic panniers.
Accessorised with Thc or Karoo tyres, you will encounter no obstacles, not even off-road, also because the precious original parts will be safely stored in your garage.
The R120 G/S Kit will be on sale on www.unitgarage.com starting in June.


Finally Peru, the border crossing is quite quick and the first stop is at Tacna, the first city you come across. Slot machine arcades and cheap dental clinics. South America starts here, the real thing, with colours, people on the streets and food everywhere, and everyone sounding their horns. I felt the same sensation entering Iran from Pakistan.


Sometimes you get there late and too tired to find a decent place to sleep, and you have to make do with what you find. Other times you get lucky and find the oasis of Huacachina, a fantastic place surrounded by sand dunes. Stop for a day to recharge on energy.
The next morning it’s really hard to leave the oasis to head towards Lima. Population 8,500,000, the traffic is wild, the smog terrifying, obviously I get lost and need a bit of time to find the Panamericana Norte again.

Fuel and food

Long stretches of desert and panoramic roads, not much traffic and breathtaking views and dunes down to the sea. You have to be careful about fuel, pumps are few and far between, and there’s no way you can pay by American Express, it’s “efectivo” only, as they say here. It’s hot, but fortunately in the evening there are great places to stay on the coast, and the food’s fantastic.

The bike

The bike I’m riding on this trip is a prototype/workshop in progress, based on a GS, which in addition to having the R120 G/S kit also boasts other solutions we’ve designed and made, including a special frame with Marzocchi Magnum 50 mm forks and fork bottoms and plates we machined from solid metal ourselves. The bike was assembled only a few days before being shipped by sea to Buenos Aires, without being tested, because at the time it was snowing too heavily in Italy. Apart from a few adjustments everything’s working fine, it’s like riding a big R80 of the new generation, the feeling is truly excellent both on and off the road.

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